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     ‘Sure!’, agreed a delighted Dr.Krishnan before he cleverly added. ‘And I could always take him to the clinic every morning so that you can paint in peace at home.’
     ‘My boy!’ he confided to Zigzag after matters were satisfactorily settled, giving the bird a toffee from his desk. ‘You have your own strange way of showing your genius. A Zigzag way, I’d call it, wouldn’t you?’
     But Ziggy - Zagga - King - of - the -Tonga, brought up on compliments as he was, didn’t bother to reply. He just ate the toffee, paper wrapper and all, and then  lowered one crinkly eyelid in a knowing wink.
Dr. Krishnan agreed to his wife's request, but he was smart enough to tell her that every morning he would take Zigzag to his clinic. He explained to her that if he took Zigzag to the clinic, Mrs. Krishnan would paint in peace at home. He secretly called Zigzag, 'My boy!' and informed him that everything was fine, handing the bird a toffee from his desk. He also told Zigzag that it had its unusual way of showing his genius, which he called the Zigzag way.
Everyone is born with certain abilities in general, so they will automatically use them when the time comes. People are misunderstood because we don't truly understand them.
As usual, Zigzag did not respond. It didn't seem to care if he was applauded for its work. It simply ate the toffee, paper wrapper and all, then winked with one crinkly eyelid.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Crinkly Refers to wrinkles on a surface
WinkTo close and open one eye quickly
ConfideTo tell a secret to someone
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