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     Just then the telephone rang. It was Mrs. Krishnan, sounding very pleased with herself. ‘You know Mrs. Jhunjhunwula, the art critic?’ she chuckled. ‘She doesn’t want me to exhibit sunset at marina. She’s bought it for herself, for ₹ 5,000!’


     Isn’t that the painting the papaya fell on …..?  


     ‘Yes.’ Mrs. Krishnan was laughing heartily now. I had left it in one corner and she chose to buy it, saying she loved my new technique of painting! She simply adored those streaky orangey bits! She launched into fresh gales of laughter. ‘By the way,’ she said when she sobered down, ‘I don’t think we were fair to Zigzag. Shall we keep him with us at home, just on trial for another week?’



Mr. Krishnan's phone rang while he was speaking with Zigzag. Mrs. Krishnan had made the call. Her tone of voice was filled with satisfaction. Mrs. Jhunjhunwula, the art critic, was the topic of her first talk. Mrs. Jhunjhunwula noticed Mrs. Krishnan's painting 'sunset at marina' when she went to shortlist Mrs. Krishnan's paintings for her upcoming painting exhibition. She liked the painting and she bought it for \(₹ 5,000\). It was the same picture that Zigzag had spoiled with fruits. Finally, Zigzag's mischievous effort had resulted in a positive outcome.


While telling her husband about what had happened at home, Mrs. Krishnan couldn't stop laughing. Mrs. Krishnan had placed that 'Sunset at Marina' painting down in a corner, thinking it was ruined and useless. Mrs. Jhunjhunwula, who happened to see the artwork, decided to buy it because she thought the spilled fruits were a new technique used by Mrs. Krishnan. Mrs. Jhunjhunwula admired the painting's streaky orangy bits. Mrs. Krishnan's cheerfulness was reflected in her voice. She also informed her husband that their family wasn't being very fair to Zigzag, so she requested if they (Krishnan's family) can have Zigzag at home for another week, just for a trial. This proves Mrs. Krishnan's change of mind. The same person (Mrs. Krishnan) who hated and chased Zigzag out requested her husband to bring it home.


Meaning of difficult words:


S. No.
ChuckleTo laugh quietly
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2018). Term 1 English Standard-10. Zigzag - Asha Nehemiah (pp. 50-55). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.