"Indian Seasons" is a poem written by Nisha Dyrene. She has described the seasons prevalent in India. She begins by saying that summers start with an intense blazing heat. It cheers up people and makes them smile, as it is a season to venture out and play in the warm and pleasant sunshine, making their feet dusty. Then the season changes to monsoon - when the rains make the roads muddy. During rainy season, water stagnates everywhere and therefore frogs and toads are found in great numbers. It is also a season of ripening mangoes.
Spring is the prettiest season as it marks the beginning of new life - fresh grass and new leaves sprout during this time. It is also the shortest and sweetest time of the year. Autumn in English countries denote the change of colours in leaves - it turns to shades of red, yellow and brown. But in India, leaves wither and fall during autumn season.
The four seasons are summer, monsoon, spring and autumn!