The poet talks about various seasons in this poem. She starts with summer. She says it starts with an intense wave of heat. Blaze refers to a large, fierce burning fire. Summer starts like a bright flame of fire. It brings in new energy to all creatures on earth. The new beginnings are met with smiles.
sun smile.jpg
Sunshine brings a smile in our faces!
Summer is a good time to go outdoors. The poet says our feet becomes dusty because people tend to go out and play/work out/walk when the weather is warm and pleasant.
summer kids.jpg
Summer is a time to play; it makes our feet dusty!
Then as time passes, the season changes to rainy season, also known as monsoon. Roads are covered in wet mud due to monsoon rains.
muddy roads.jpg
Roads are muddy during rainy season!
When water stagnates in roads and empty plots, it paves the way for breeding of frogs and toads. They enjoy the season and play about in the water by leaping high in the air. It is a time for ripening of mangoes and they are seen everywhere in the market.
frog rain.jpg
Frogs and toads play in the rain!
Spring season is the season of beauty as new leaves spring up in trees. Though it is pretty, it is the shortest season. Summer follows soon after spring starts. The smell of fresh grass in the garden denotes that it is the spring season.
green grass.jpg
The smell of fresh grass denotes spring!
Autumn is a season which is less common in India. In English countries (England), the plants and trees turn into a beautiful shade of red, yellow and brown. It is a season when the leaves change colours and starts falling. It is a lovely sight to watch.
Autumn - the season of red, yellow and brown!
But in India, the autumn season is the time when trees shed leaves. There is not much of a colour change in our country.
Indian autumn.jpg
Indian autumn is when leaves fall down!