Spring is pretty
but short and sweet
when you can smell the grass
from your garden seat

Autumn is English
in red, yellow and brown
Autumn is Indian
whenever leaves fall down
Spring season is the season of beauty as new leaves spring up in trees. Though it is pretty, it is the shortest season. Summer follows soon after spring starts. The smell of fresh grass in the garden denotes that it is the spring season.
green grass.jpg
The smell of fresh grass denotes spring!
Autumn is a season which is less common in India. In English countries (England), the plants and trees turn into a beautiful shade of red, yellow and brown. It is a season when the leaves change colours and starts falling. It is a lovely sight to watch.
Autumn - the season of red, yellow and brown!
But in India, the autumn season is the time when trees shed leaves. There is not much of a colour change in our country.
Indian autumn.jpg
Indian autumn is when leaves fall down!
Meanings of difficult words:
springthe season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear
autumnthe season after summer and before winter
Englishreferring to England
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