The lesson "That Sunday Morning" by Savita Singh is autobiographical and is written in first person using the pronoun 'I'. She recounts her childhood experiences in Patna, the city where she moved in recently. She reveals the mischief and adventures that she encounters there with her brother. The lesson revolves around one particular incident where she enters a race with her brother on her bicycle. The tone is nostalgic. Although it begins with a serious tone, it takes a funny turn towards the end. It makes one understand the childhood innocence and love shared between siblings. It gives an understanding that although there is rivalry between siblings, they become one during times of crises.
Characters in the lesson:
AuthorThe speaker, gets into an accident with her bike
Author's brotherChallenges the author to start a race
CowThe author lands on the cow forcing it to fall in a ditch
Cavalry officersRides the governor's horses and falls on due to the commotion caused by the author
HorsesBelongs to the governor and runs in circles, seeing the cow running towards them
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Brother and sister