Savita Singh was born in Bihar in 1962. She spent most of her childhood in the Middle East. She did her graduation from Delhi University and went on to do further studies in Canada. She has to her credit numerous short stories, essays and poems. She has also researched extensively on the modernity in India and published papers on them. She has also taught at various universities. She is an ardent creative writer who has also published works from Children's works to Political theory.
She writes both poetry and fiction in Hindi and English. Her works have been translated into other Indian languages and even languages like French, German, Spanish and Dutch. She has published three collections of poetry in Hindi: “Apne Jaisa Jeevan” (A Life Like Its Own, 2001) and “Neend Thee Aur Raat Thee” (There was Sleep and There was Night, 2005) and “Swapna Samay” (Dream Time), (2013). Her English poems are published in many reputed journals.
Some of her famous works include:
  • Seven Leaves, One Autumn, 2011
  • Fifty Poems: For the New Century, 2012
  • Rowing Together, 2008
She has received "The Hindi Academy Award" and "The Indo-French Raza Award" for her contribution to literature. She is currently a professor in the Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi.