"I intensely dislike such children who do not take proper care of their books, Justice Mathematics said in a serious voice, all the while eyeing Mahesh sternly.
     "However, this court is different from the other courts. Here the punishment is decided by the victims and we decide by majority if the verdicts are more than one."
     He looked at all the bedraggled books and notebooks, pencils and pencil box, and the school bag in the court.
     They, in turn looked at Mahesh, each and everyone of them in terrible anger. Mahesh trembled in his shoes.
Justice Mathematics started to speak after having examined all the witnesses. His anger on Mahesh reflected through his hot words while he spoke. He began to talk, saying that he extremely hate children who do not take care of their books properly. He looked at Mahesh sternly and spoke seriously.

Still, Justice Mathematics did not want to pass on the judgement as their court was entirely different from that of others. In the court of Justice Mathematics, the punishments are decided by the victims and based on the majority of the verdicts if the verdicts are above one.

Mahesh had not expected this reply. He looked at all the untidy books and notebooks, pencils and pencil box, and the school bag in the court. It seemed to him that they stared at him in extreme anger, as all of them had been tortured by Mahesh terribly. He did not know what to say, for he realized his mistake. He was worried and became nervous at that moment.
Meaning of difficult words:
Extremely or strongly
Someone who was harmed, suffered or killed out of crime
An official judgement made in the court
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