"Do go on! prompted Justice Mathematics gently.
     The Master Notebook got hold over himself and continued, "It started a few weeks back. Mahesh was solving some problems in Mathematics, one of them was tougher than others and he failed to solve it. Can you imagine how he vented his anger? Well, he threw me against the wall!"
     A shock wave rent the courtroom and everybody started talking at once. Justice Mathematics went red with anger as he banged the hammer loudly, and you could see that he was wishing that the table were Mahesh. Mahesh, meanwhile, stared at his boots. Was he really that cruel? He felt really ashamed of himself.
When the Master Notebook was choked and became very emotional, Justice Mathematics spoke to him in a gentle voice, asking him to continue with his speech. Then, Master Notebook continued to speak. He narrated events that happened a few weeks back.
When Mahesh was working on some problems in Mathematics, he felt one of those problems to be tougher than the others problems.
Mahesh solving maths.jpg
Mahesh solving maths
So, he did not know what to do while having failed to solve that particular Mathematical problem. And, having explained the incident, Master Notebook asked Justice as 'can he just imagine on how Mahesh would have expressed his anger?'. The answer was more pathetic. When Mahesh failed to do a problem, he had shown his anger towards his Notebook. He had thrown his Notebook against the wall angrily.
The complaints of Mr. Notebook raised the anger of the audience further, for, they started to discuss among themselves on Mahesh's harsh behaviour. Justice Mathematics was very angry and struck his hammer hard on his table as if it was Mahesh. Mahesh was starring at his boots during this time as he did not have the guts to face the complaints poured on him. Mahesh now realized his mistakes and how arrogantly he behaved with his books and belongings. He felt ashamed of himself.
Meaning of difficult words:
Wave A sudden increase in particular type of behaviour
Bang To hit something hard
MeanwhileRefers to the same time or time between two things happening
StareTo look at something for a long time
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