The audience was stunned, ill-treating a delicate creature like Ms. English! How terrible! By now tears had started rolling down Ms. English's big eyes. And stopping only to sniff delicately in her handkerchief, she told everyone about how Mahesh dropped her carelessly, stuffed her anyhow in his crammed bag, sometimes next to the lunch box dripping with oil! Mahesh turned red as many pairs of eyes glared at him. Oh! Why had he not listened to his mother, who had told him many times to take care of his books! He was otherwise a good boy and even managed to stay within the first five ranks in class. But he was extremely lazy.
     "Mahesh!" the stentorian voice of Justice Mathematics brought him back to reality. What do you have to say for yourself?

     Mahesh managed to mumble an apology, "I am sorry, Sir!"
People were shocked to hear the complaint of Ms. English. They were surprised by the fact that Mahesh had ill-treated such a delicate creature. It was unpleasant for the audience to listen to such a complaint. Ms. English looked more pathetic. She remained to be in a helpless condition in all these days due to Mahesh. While narrating her miserable situation to the Justice, she started crying. Tears flowed out from the eyes of Ms. English's big eyes.

She cried continuously and sometimes stopped to sniff while explaining Mahesh's deeds on how he ill-treated her carelessly. He stuffed his English book inside his bag. He had loaded too many things in his bag; and, he placed his English book next to his lunch box, which was thoroughly wet with oil. He felt embarrassed when people were angry at him for his deeds. His mother told him several times to take care of his books.
Mahesh's mother advising him.jpg
Mahesh's mother advising him
Mahesh never listened to her advice as well. Other than this careless attitude, he remained to be a very good boy. He scored well, managed to keep up within the first five ranks in his class. His only negative thing was laziness.

When Mahesh was confused and worried about the complaints being poured on him, he did not know what to do. He was immersed in the court investigations that went around him. After few seconds of Ms. English' speech, Justice Mathematics' loud voice brought Mahesh into the real world when he called him 'Mahesh'. Justice demanded an explanation from Mahesh's side. He couldn't say anything but mumbled few words are conveying an apology for his deeds.
Meaning of difficult words:
A very loud voice
To treat someone badly
Needing to be handled carefully
Very unpleasant or serious
Shocked or surprised
Cram To stuff too many things in a limited space
Dripping Flowing in drops
To say something quietly so that people cannot hear it
ApologyA spoken or written statement that explains you are feeling sorry about something
PatheticSomething that makes you to feel pity
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