What do you mean by saying sorry? screamed Justice Mathematics. You have to undo what you have done. Do you understand?" He looked above the top of his glasses and seemed as if he would like to bite Mahesh. "Next!" he barked at the peon.
     Mr. Geography stood up shakily and went to the witness box. He was in a worse condition than Ms. English. He had no cover, the 'Contents' page was hanging in on its last threads but the worst part were the maps. They had been filled in mercilessly with all the colours in the paint box!
     "Yes! prompted Justice Mathematics.
Justice Mathematics was not in a position to accept Mahesh's apology. He spoke to Mahesh in a loud voice. He ordered Mahesh to undo what he had done. He looked at Mahesh above the top of his glasses with anger. It looked as if he was about to bite him. This same anger on Mahesh had reflected on peon as well.

The second witness was Mr. Geography, who looked weak. Mr. Geography went to the witness box after Ms. English. The condition of geography was even more pathetic and worse than Ms. English. The geography book had no cover on it. The 'Contents' page was hanging on its last threads.
Mahesh colouring maps.jpg
Mahesh colouring maps
Apart from all these issues, the map page looked more uglier and clumsier; because he had filled the map page with all the paint box colours. Justice Mathematics asked Mr. Geography to share his issues.
Meaning of difficult words:
To make a loud cry when you are angry, hurt or excited
Not refined or graceful
Without any pity
PromptTo make something to start
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