The story "Brought To Book" written by Madhumita Gupta highlights respecting and maintaining books and belongings. The story starts with a court scene in Mahesh's dream. Justice Mathematics had angrily sat on his chair to examine the witnesses against Mahesh. Ms. English was the first witness whose dress had been torn and spoiled with ink and grease spots. The corners of the English book was dog-eared and chewed. She cried a lot that made people pity her. Though she suffered at Mahesh's hands, she highlighted his intelligence and blamed him only for his laziness.

The second witness was Mr. Geography. The Geography book had no cover on it. The 'Contents' page was hanging on its last threads, and he had filled the map page with paintbox colours. Mr. Geography also gave an example of Mahesh's classmate Shobitha who maintains her books gently and presentably.

The next witness was Mr. Pencil Box, who complained to be kept unclean by Mahesh. It seemed that Mahesh chewed his Pencil whenever he was stuck for an answer, and he pointed out those marks in the court.

Then came Mahesh's school bag, which complained to be packed up with too many things in it. Even the small notebook was in the same condition as others. Mahesh had thrown his notebook against the wall a few weeks before when he failed to solve a mathematical problem.

At last, everyone decided to take revenge against Mahesh's deeds. Unexpectedly, Ms. English argued in favour of Mahesh. She demanded the court members to give a second chance to Mahesh since it was his first offence. Everyone agreed upon her words. Mahesh then woke up from his dream. Though it was a dream, he had learnt a good lesson from it. He reworked on his mistakes, and the next year got the prize for the 'Best Looked-After Books'.