The entire story had happened in Mahesh's dream, in a court where Mathematics was the Justice.  Justice Mathematics was a very strict person who ordered to stop talking immediately. He spoke in a strict way that nobody can argue against, and he had hit the hammer hard, requesting the court to be silent.
The Justice pushed back the horn-rimmed glasses up his nose and looked at Mahesh angrily. He then looked at the crowd in the same way. Everyone in the court obeyed his order with great respect, including Mahesh. There was an immediate pin-drop silence everywhere in the court after the Justice's command.
He then called upon Ms. English as a first witness. Ms. English looked torn. Mahesh, who was observing things that goes around him in the court, was worried. He started to chew his nails out of fear that something bad might happen.
Ms. English, being the first witness, started to talk and complained about things from her end. When Ms. English came to Mahesh's place, she was neatly dressed with a lovely pink and grey coloured dress. And, presently, she looked different and ugly with her dress torn. She had asked the Justice to compare her present look to the newly bought period.

When Ms. English stood in the witness box, everyone noticed her deeply in front of the whole crowd to the Justice. They couldn't even recognize the colour of the dress she mentioned during her early stage. The reason behind this was the book cover was spoiled with ink and grease spots. The English book looked damaged. It had the dog-eared marks, and two corners are chewed. Ms English started to cry as she explained her situation.
A dog-eared book.jpg
A dog-eared book

Justice Mathematics offered a handkerchief to Ms. English to wipe her tears. He then asked Ms. English in a soft, kind tone as to what happened to her?
Ms. English tried to control her tears and sniffed for a while. She then replied to the Justice. She pointed out at Mahesh and started to explain what had happened. It seemed Mahesh's father had brought Ms. English home a few months back. Mahesh could have covered his English book with a proper brown paper; but, he failed to do so.

Justice Mathematics enquired whether Mahesh had been scolded and punished in the school for his non-maintenance of his English book. Ms. English replied to him 'yes' in a tearful voice. Though he was punished repeatedly, he did let it go as it did not affect him. Apart from the non-maintenance, Ms. English had also suffered due to Mahesh's mishandle.
People were shocked to hear the complaint of Ms. English. They were surprised by the fact that Mahesh had ill-treated such a delicate creature. It was unpleasant for the audience to listen to such a complaint. Ms. English looked more pathetic. She remained to be in a helpless condition in all these days due to Mahesh. While narrating her miserable situation to the Justice, she started crying. Tears flowed out from the eyes of Ms. English's big eyes.

She cried continuously and sometimes stopped to sniff while explaining Mahesh's deeds on how he ill-treated her carelessly. He stuffed his English book inside his bag. He had loaded too many things in his bag; and, he placed his English book next to his lunch box, which was thoroughly wet with oil. He felt embarrassed when people were angry at him for his deeds. His mother told him several times to take care of his books.
Mahesh's mother advising him.jpg
Mahesh's mother advising him
Mahesh never listened to her advice as well. Other than this careless attitude, he remained to be a very good boy. He scored well, managed to keep up within the first five ranks in his class. His only negative thing was laziness.

When Mahesh was confused and worried about the complaints being poured on him, he did not know what to do. He was immersed in the court investigations that went around him. After few seconds of Ms. English' speech, Justice Mathematics' loud voice brought Mahesh into the real world when he called him 'Mahesh'. Justice demanded for an explanation from Mahesh's side. He couldn't say anything but mumbled few words are conveying an apology for his deeds.
Justice Mathematics was not in a position to accept Mahesh's apology. He spoke to Mahesh in a loud voice. He ordered Mahesh to undo what he had done. He looked at Mahesh above the top of his glasses with anger. It looked as if he was about to bite him. This same anger on Mahesh had reflected on peon as well.

The second witness was Mr. Geography, who looked weak. Mr. Geography went to the witness box after Ms. English. The condition of geography was even more pathetic and worse than Ms. English. The Geography book had no cover on it. The 'Contents' page was hanging on its last threads.
Mahesh colouring maps.jpg
Mahesh colouring maps
Apart from all these issues, the map page looked more uglier and clumsier; because he had filled the map page with all the paint box colours. Justice Mathematics asked Mr. Geography to share his issues.
Mr. Geography started to speak in a sad tone. Mr. Geography had undergone a similar issue as Ms. English. It seemed whenever Mahesh takes out his geography book, the brothers of Mr. Geography laughed at him.
Mahesh's unhappy vs others' happy books.jpg
Mahesh's unhappy vs others' happy books
Mr. Geography also gave an example of Shobitha, who was Mahesh's classmate.
Mahesh's classmate Shobitha
She gently handles her Geography book. And, most importantly, Shobitha had covered her geography book properly and held it in a better way. Shobitha' books will always appear as new as the one that had just stepped out of the bookseller's shop. Also, unlike Mahesh, Shobitha uses pencils for her maps. Justice Mathematics patiently listened to the complaints of Mr. Geography.

The complaints had not stopped with Ms. English and Mr. Geography, but it continued. Other witnesses like books, copies, pencil box and even the school bag made complaints on their issues caused by Mahesh. Everyone complained about the careless attitude of Mahesh. All of them looked worse to use. Suddenly, Justice's face became so dark with anger. It was due to a complaint that Mahesh tore off pages from the copies to make paper planes. Mahesh turned speechless, totally stuck, under his murderous look.
Mahesh making planes by tearing copies.jpg
Mahesh making planes by tearing copies
The next witness was Mr.Pencil Box. It seemed Mahesh never cleaned his Pencil Box. Mr. Pencil Box had covered the entire court floor with the pencil shavings while accidentally got opened up. Mr. Pencil Box while given chance to speak in the witness box, he started to share his problems on the court. Mahesh chewed his pencil whenever he was stuck for an answer. Mr. Pencil Box pointed out the marks on his body to everyone in the court.

The next witness was Mr. School Bag. He was so heavy and looked more pathetic. The elderly School Bag was having difficulty in moving to the witness box as he was too heavy. Due to the heavyweight, the School Bag moved slowly to the witness box with his broken straps and buckles dragging behind him.

The school bag regretted being with Mahesh. Mahesh always mishandles his Bag and so the school bag was very vexed, and compared itself to a sack of cement. Its because he had similarly treated his school bag like a sack of cement. Unlike other sensible children, Mahesh do not pack his bag the previous night. He does everything only at the last moment. As a result, he packs up so untidily, with too many things inside the small spaced School Bag. And so, neither the School Bag nor his friends were happy due to Mahesh's worst habit.
Suddenly, Justice Mathematics heard a voice in the court. The voice wanted to convey something from its side. Finally, while looking carefully at the crowd, Justice Mathematics understood that the voice had come from a small notebook. Even the small notebook was in the same condition as others.

Justice Mathematics accepted his request and asked the notebook to stand in the witness box. The young Master Notebook did not even hesitate for a while; he went to the witness box with a determined decision to open out his issues. He took the oath and started to complain about his problems.

Firstly, he informed Justice Mathematics that Mahesh was doing something as a part of his regular activity; and the young Master Notebook did not know how long he would be able to bear it. He stopped and choked up while conveying the message; he was stuck for words and couldn't continue his argument.
When the Master Notebook was choked and became very emotional, Justice Mathematics spoke to him in a gentle voice, asking him to continue with his speech. Then, Master Notebook continued to speak. He narrated events that happened a few weeks back.
When Mahesh was working on some problems in Mathematics, he felt one of those problems to be tougher than the others problems.
Mahesh solving maths.jpg
Mahesh solving maths
So, he did not know what to do while having failed to solve that particular Mathematical problem. And, having explained the incident, Master Notebook asked Justice as 'can he just imagine on how Mahesh would have expressed his anger?'. The answer was more pathetic. When Mahesh failed to do a problem, he had shown his anger towards his Notebook. He had thrown his Notebook against the wall angrily.
The complaints of Mr. Notebook raised the anger of the audience further, for, they started to discuss among themselves on Mahesh's harsh behaviour. Justice Mathematics was very angry and strike his hammer hard on his table as if it was Mahesh. Mahesh was starring at his boots during this time as he did not have guts to face the complaints poured on him. Mahesh now realized his mistakes and how arrogantly he behaved with his books and belongings. He felt ashamed of himself.
Justice Mathematics started to speak after having examined all the witnesses. His anger on Mahesh reflected through his hot words while he spoke. He began to talk saying that he extremely hate children who do not take care of their books properly. He looked at Mahesh sternly and spoke seriously.

Still, Justice Mathematics did not want to pass on the judgement as their court was entirely different from that of others. In the court of Justice Mathematics, the punishments are decided by the victims and based on majority of the verdicts if the verdicts are above one.

Mahesh had not expected this reply. He looked at all the untidy books and notebooks, pencils and pencil box, and the school bag in the court. It seemed to him that they stared at him in extreme anger, as all of them had been tortured by Mahesh terribly. He did not know what to say, for he realized his mistake. He was worried and became nervous at that moment.
Firstly, Master Notebook proceeded to speak out angrily in a loud voice. He suggested to hit Mahesh severely and to throw him against the wall.

Mr. Pencil Box demanded to chew Mahesh as he chewed him, to make him feel or understand being chewed. Mr. Pencil Box angrily shouted and became so excited that once again, the Pencil Box got himself opened. It made him to spill some more pencil shavings on the floor.

Mr. School Bag gave the next suggestion. He suggested to drag Mahesh a dozen times around the courtroom as he too wanted to punish him in the same way he had suffered.
Mr. Geography had given an idea on his part. He suggested the crowd to jump on Mahesh together till he gives out loud cries. Having given the suggestion, he made himself ready to execute it by rubbing his hands.
Mr. Geography's idea seemed satisfactory to everyone. This plan looked acceptable to Justice Mathematics also. So, he got up from his chair to join the gang. The gang approached Mahesh in a most threatening way. Mahesh had no clue what can he do or where can he go to escape from the dangerous situation.
everyone angry on Mahesh.jpg
Everyone angry on Mahesh
Unfortunately, there was no place to run. The scary crowd were almost near Mahesh to punish him. Just then, they heard a soft voice in that frightened silence before they touch him.
The soft voice began to speak. It pleaded with the crowd to stop harming Mahesh. Everyone was amazed by the words that belonged to that soft voice. Even Mahesh, who closed his eyes earlier, opened it to see where the soft voice had come from. It was no one but Ms. English who took the effort to argue on behalf of Mahesh.

When everyone was curious to know where the soft voice had come from, Ms. English rose from her seat and started speaking to Justice Mathematics in a determined tone. She argued for the sake of Mahesh. She pleaded with the Justice in a way to pardon Mahesh as that was his first crime.

She conveyed her point in an honourable way, not meant to disrespect anyone's suggestion or hurt their feelings. She had put forward her point of view on Mahesh in front of court members.
Mahesh was filled with admiration as he heard her speaking on behalf of him. He could have even hugged her to convey his gratefulness.

In fact, of all witnesses, Ms. English was the one who had been treated in the worst manner by Mahesh. To his surprise, she stood for him in court with a determined decision to rescue him from the troubles he had undergone.

Slowly, the other witnesses were also convinced of Ms. English's argument, and they agreed upon her opinion. Justice Mathematics left Mahesh without being unpunished with a warning not to illtreat his books and belongings again.
When Justice Mathematics, along with the court members, pardoned his mistakes, Mahesh was relaxed for a while. He understood his mistake. Suddenly, he heard his mother's voice. A hand started shaking him, calling 'Mahesh'. He was confused and suspected whether the witnesses had changed their mind. He was scared to be punished by them.
It was his mother waking him up to make him ready for school. Mahesh slowly opened his eyes. He then realised the whole court scene had held in his dream. Though it was a dream, it helped Mahesh to understand his mistakes. It was his inner thoughts that reflected in his dream and brought out his mistakes. He then noticed his battered bag and half of the books to be lying on the floor. The remaining books had been dumped into the bag. His dream taught him a lesson. He took efforts to restore the mistakes he had committed. His favourite English book was lying on his bed, and it seemed to be smiling on him.
Mahesh's mother was shocked to see him rushing to complete his routine work and sat to cover his English book that day. His dream worked out effectively. Mahesh could have avoided these mistakes if he could have paid attention to his school teachers and mother, though it's not late to fix the errors he had committed. Next year Mahesh Kumar got the prize for the 'Best Looked-After Books'.