"Mahesh! Mahesh!" a hand started to shake him and he jumped.
     Had the others changed their minds about not punishing him?
     "Oh! Mahesh, do get up. You will be late for school!"
     Slowly Mahesh opened his eyes.
     Why! He was in his bed!
     Yes! There was the battered bag on the floor, the books, half on the floor and others stuffed in the bag. But what was this? The English book was lying near his pillow and seemed to smile at him! Mahesh's mother was astonished to see him rushing through the chores and then sitting down to glue and cover his English book that very morning! Next year Mahesh Kumar got the price for the 'Best Looked-After Books'.
When Justice Mathematics, along with the court members, pardoned his mistakes, Mahesh was relaxed for a while. He understood his mistake. Suddenly, he heard his mother's voice. A hand started shaking him, calling 'Mahesh'. He was confused and suspected whether the witnesses had changed their mind. He was scared to be punished by them.
It was his mother waking him up to make him ready for school. Mahesh slowly opened his eyes. He then realised the whole court scene had held in his dream. Though it was a dream, it helped Mahesh to understand his mistakes. It was his inner thoughts that reflected in his dream and brought out his mistakes. He then noticed his battered bag and half of the books to be lying on the floor. The remaining books had been dumped into the bag. His dream taught him a lesson. He took efforts to restore the mistakes he had committed. His favourite English book was lying on his bed, and it seemed to be smiling on him.
Mahesh's mother was shocked to see him rushing to complete his routine work and sat to cover his English book that day. His dream worked out effectively. Mahesh could have avoided these mistakes if he could have paid attention to his school teachers and mother, though it's not late to fix the errors he had committed. Next year Mahesh Kumar got the prize for the 'Best Looked-After Books'.
Meaning of difficult words:
To surprise someone
A regular or routine work 
A sticky substance used for joining together
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