"I say, stop it! Please, do stop!" Amazed, everybody turned around, even Mahesh opened his eyes a crack which he had shut in fright. Then the petite Ms. English rose from her seat and spoke to Justice Mathematics in a firm voice, "I don't mean to interrupt, Your Honour, it is just that I feel that everyone deserves a second chance and, after all, this is Mahesh's first offence, he deserves a little consideration."
     Mahesh looked at her in admiration, he could have hugged her! She was the one who had been treated most shamefully by him and look at her! Standing so staunchly by him! The others too saw reason and slowly backed off, agreeing to give Mahesh a second chance, Mahesh, see that you never illtreat a book again! was Justice Mathematics parting shot.
The soft voice began to speak. It pleaded with the crowd to stop harming Mahesh. Everyone was amazed by the words that belonged to that soft voice. Even Mahesh, who closed his eyes earlier, opened it to see where the soft voice had come from. It was no one but Ms. English who took the effort to argue on behalf of Mahesh.

When everyone was curious to know where the soft voice had come from, Ms. English rose from her seat and started speaking to Justice Mathematics in a determined tone. She argued for the sake of Mahesh. She pleaded with the Justice in a way to pardon Mahesh as that was his first crime.

She conveyed her point in an honourable way, not meant to disrespect anyone's suggestion or hurt their feelings. She had put forward her point of view on Mahesh in front of court members.

Mahesh was filled with admiration as he heard her speaking on behalf of him. He could have even hugged her to convey his gratefulness.

In fact, of all witnesses, Ms. English was the one who had been treated in the worst manner by Mahesh. To his surprise, she stood for him in court with a determined decision to rescue him from the troubles he had undergone.

Slowly, the other witnesses were also convinced of Ms. English's argument, and they agreed upon her opinion. Justice Mathematics left Mahesh without being unpunished with a warning not to illtreat his books and belongings again.
Meaning of difficult words:
Refers to a woman who is small, thin and attractive
Being strong and steady
Backed off
Move backwards from a certain position
Believing in or supporting for something strongly
A feeling of delighted liking and appreciation for someone or something
GratefulnessA feel of thankfulness
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