By now Gulliver was really hungry. With gestures he signaled to the little people that he wanted food and drink. The Lilliputians first got Gulliver to promise to behave himself and then promised to get him some food. They soon brought baskets of meat and several loaves of bread, which he ate three at a time because they were so tiny. The Lilliputians also brought two barrels of drink, which he enjoyed, even though the barrels were smaller than a glass.

     Gulliver was tempted, as he lay on the ground, to take up fifty of the small creatures in his hand and crush them, but he did not want to be pricked with arrows again, and he had promised to behave in exchange for good treatment.
Gulliver's hunger had increased as time passed. He made signs to the little people that he wanted something to eat and drink. The Lilliputians made Gulliver promise that he will behave well and that he will not harm them. Then they promised to get him some food. They brought many baskets full of meat, small loaves of bread and two barrels of drink. Remember that they are tiny people - so the loaves and barrels were also tiny! Gulliver ate three loaves of bread at a time because it was so small. The barrels' size was less than the size of a glass!
Gulliver wanted to crush some fifty people on the ground, as he lay there looking at them. But he remembered the punishment - they made small piercings with their arrows. Remembering his promise to behave well with them, he controlled his desire to crush them.
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Gulliver was tempted to crush some of the Lilliputians!
Meanings of difficult words:
gesturesmovement of hand/head to express ideas, to show signs
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