After he had eaten, Gulliver promptly fell asleep because his drink had a sleeping draught in it. They then set about transporting Gulliver to the capital. They used a large platform with twenty-two wheels pulled by dozens of four-and-a-half-inch horses. They somehow managed to put him on the platform and dragged Gulliver down the road to the city. Suddenly Gulliver woke-up when the vehicle stopped. Two or three curious, young Lilliputians wanted to see how Gulliver looked when asleep. They climbed up into the engine, and advancing very softly to his face, put the sharp end of their half-pike into his left nostril. This tickled Gulliver’s nose like a straw, and made him sneeze. As they started moving again, Gulliver saw that more than one hundred thousand Lilliputians had come out to see the strange giant. It was a carnival atmosphere and the Lilliputians seemed to be enjoying themselves, much to Gulliver’s amusement. Finally, they arrived at the Emperor's palace. The Emperor was there to receive Gulliver. Gulliver was lodged in an old and disused temple. His leg was chained and he could only move about a little bit. After a few weeks, the Lilliputians and their Emperor decided that he meant them no harm. So Gulliver was set free to roam around Lilliput on condition that he would not harm them and would help them in whatever way he could. Gulliver agreed and was freed. He was provided with food and water, a house was built for him. Gulliver stayed with Lilliputians helping them in many ways. Once, it so happened, that the neighbouring kingdom of Blefuscu declared war on Lilliput. The king brought a hundred ships to mount an attack. The Lilliputians ran to Gulliver for help. The Emperor said, "Don't let us down now, Gulliver; we need your help."

     Gulliver walked into the sea. He took a long rope, tied all the hundred ships together and dragged them in the water. Gulliver pulled the ships the whole day, going round and round until the army of Blefuscu was giddy and in no position to fight. The King of Blefuscu came begging for peace between the two kingdoms. The Emperor agreed. Gulliver was hailed as a hero and lived peacefully in Lilliput for many years.
Gulliver slept off again after eating because the Lilliputians had mixed a sleeping dose in his drink. They wanted to move Gulliver to their capital city. The used a huge raised surface with \(22\) wheels which was pulled by \(12\) tiny horses of about \(4.5\) inches! With much difficulty, they dragged him on the platform and moved him to the city. Gulliver suddenly woke up when the vehicle stopped. A few Lilliputians were curious to see Gulliver's face when he was asleep. They went up to the engine and proceeded slowly and softly towards his face. When they reached near his face, they put the sharp-tip of their small iron weapon, into his left nostril. It made Gulliver ticklish, and he sneezed. The vehicle started moving again.
Gulliver noticed that nearly one lakh Lilliputians had gathered to see him, the strange giant. It seemed like a festival, and the Lilliputians were enjoying themselves. But Gulliver found it funny and entertaining.
E Gulliver.jpg
Lilliputians seemed to be enjoying themselves, much to Gulliver’s amusement!
Finally, they reached the Emperor's palace. He came out to welcome Gulliver. He was allowed to stay in an old, unused temple. They tied his legs in chains and was allowed movement for a short distance only. Some weeks passed, and the Lilliputians and their king realized that Gulliver had no intentions to attack them. So they set him free to roam around the island Lilliput with the condition that he should not harm them but help them, in all possible ways. They gave him food, water and built a house for him to stay. Gulliver started living with them; he helped them by all means.
Once the king of Blefuscu, a neighbouring kingdom, declared war on Lilliput. The king had arranged for a hundred ships to start the attack. The Lilliputians asked Gulliver for his help. The Emperor also told him not to let them down as they needed his help.
F Gulliver.jpg
The Emperor said, "Don't let us down now, Gulliver; we need your help."
Gulliver walked into the sea. He tied all the hundred ships together, with a long rope and started dragging them into the water. Gulliver pulled them the whole day in the same manner, going in rounds.
G Gulliver.jpg
Gulliver took a long rope, tied all the hundred ships together and dragged them in the water!
The Blefuscu army became giddy and tired because of the round movements. They lost their energy to fight, and they surrendered. The King of Blefuscu came crying to the Lilliput King for peace between the two kingdoms. The Emperor agreed, and the Lilliputians praised Gulliver as their hero. He lived in Lilliput for many years peacefully.
Meanings of difficult words:
draughta drink or drug intended to induce sleep
half-pikea weapon with a short shaft
carnivala festival involving processions, music, dance
amusementthe state if being funny or entertained
lodgedresided, stayed
disusedno longer being used
giddyfeeling dizzy, about to faint
hailedpraised enthusiastically
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-2 English Standard-6. Gulliver's Travels (pp. 132-137). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.