"Sea Fever" is an interesting poem written by John Edward Masefield. The speaker of the poem is a sea lover. He wants to travel in the lonely sea without anyone accompanying him. He desires to travel in a well-built ship with a star to accompany him. The sailor follows the direction of the star. When the day breaks, he enjoys the morning mist. He feels delighted when strong winds are carrying the clouds away from his path. He wants to lead a "vagrant gypsy life". He likes to enjoy the way how seagulls and whales live. Adventures, memories, and journey are the major themes of this poem. The speaker hears a continuous call from the sea, and he says that it is unavoidable. He wishes to break the current situation and return to the adventurous life to enjoy his youth at sea. He wishes to get the company of a rover who tells fictional stories. He likes to take a sound sleep at the end of the journey and have a sweet dream.
The speaker wishes to travel in a well-built ship