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The poem 'The Computer Swallowed my Grandma' is a sarcastic and comic take on how people are addicted to technology. The poet does not talk about how the younger generation is influenced by the newly found technology, rather he uses an old grandmother to depict this. This is an unusual take, as it emphasises on the fact that even older people can get into the trap, irrespective of age or gender. The grandmother in the poem initially wants to connect, but unintentionally becomes dependent of technology. This represents a lot of people who give excuses that they are using social media, only as a means to connect with the world, but later end up as a slave. The grandmother is missing, and the poet tries searching for her in recycle bins, to see if she has been deleted and if there are any chances of retrieving her back. The poem brings in the fact that even if grandparents have to meet their grandchildren, it has to be only virtually, and the feeling attached with  the physical touch is lost with the advent of technology.