Summary of the poem:
This poem has been written keeping older people in mind. Here, the poem was written by an anonymous writer. The poet was talking to his grandmother may be via skype or hangout etc. wherein he could see her and talk to her. She did not know how to operate a computer. She learned to use it off late after the whole world became digitalized slowly. She pressed ‘control’ and ‘enter’, and the poet could not see her on the computer anymore. It destroyed her or did not show her up ultimately. The thought made me feel like he was shaking from inside. Pun intended: he is saying maybe she was caught by some virus (it can be both computer virus or virus which every human can get caught with like flu), or perhaps she is eaten by some worm.
The poet says he has searched her in the recycle bin of computer wherein some deleted files go automatically. He also searched her through files in the drives and gone through the Internet. But he could not find his grandma. He became so hopeless that he even asked Jeeves, which is a widely used search engine that accepts plain English questions or phrases. But it did not give any valid reply. He couldn't find his grandmother online as well.
Now, the poet wants us to see inside our mail inboxes and says if we can see her then to copy his grandmother, scan it and paste as we do to other papers and send an email back to him. This entire poem is just for fun, and he is playing on words, mostly for a comic reception.