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Walter de la Mare is an English poet, Novelist and short story writer. He was born on \(25\ \)April \(1873\), in Kent, England. He belonged to a French descendent family, but stayed in England throughout his life. He was called 'Jack' by his close friends and family as he preferred it over Walter.
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Walter de la Mare
Walter de la Mare started working from a very young age, as he had to support his family. But Sir Henry Newbolt, another author helped him get the Civil List Pension, which helped him to concentrate on writing as well as his job. He was a children's writer, and dealt with a lot of young adult fiction. He also produced psychological fiction which garnered the attention of everyone.
He coined two types of imagination named child like and boy like. He wrote thriller stories where he blended the supernatural and the imagination. 'Seaton's Aunt' and 'All Hallows' were the most acclaimed of these. He did not include dark elements, but at the same time was able to create suspenseful elements. His notable awards include James Tait Black Memorial Prize for his book 'Memoirs of a Midget' in 1921 and Carnegie Medal for British Children's books.
Notable Works:
  • Come Hither
  • Eight Tales
  • Punch
  • Henry Brocken
  • The Listeners