What hope shall we gather, what dreams shall we sow?
Where the wind calls our wandering footsteps we go.
No love bids us tarry, no joy bids us wait:
The voice of the wind is the voice of our fate.
The wandering singers do not hope or plan for the future like others. They do not have great dreams as they live life as it comes. They go wherever the wind leads them.
no destiny.jpg
They walk in the direction of the wind - no fixed destination or destiny!
They do not have a fixed destiny nor do they know where they are going. There is nothing that can make them stay in a place. There is nobody waiting for them. There is no love or happiness that can be offered to them to make them move. Their destiny changes according to the direction of the winds.
The voice of the wind is the voice of their fate!
Meanings of difficult words:
tarryto remain or stay in a place
bidsoffer (a certain price) for something
fatedestiny, the development of events outside a person's control
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-2 English Standard-7. Wandering Singers - Sarojini Naidu (pp. 122-125). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.