The nightmare on the aircraft continued for long. The frustration and helplessness of the terrorists grew every hour and their patience was running out. Seventeen hours into the hijack, the plane ran out of power. The terrorists lost their cool and opened fire on the passengers. Armed with grenades, plastic explosive belts, and pistols, the terrorists raised hell on board. Taking advantage of the chaos and the terrorists’ senselessness, Neerja leapt into action at this point of time. She shed all her hesitation and fears and worked her way around evacuating as many passengers as she could. She could have run away for she knew the escape routes well, but she didn’t. She waited selflessly in the face of death to help the ones around her.
The nightmare on the plane continued for a long time. With each passing hour, the terrorists' frustration and helplessness increased; and their patience decreased with waiting for hours together. Seventeen hours after the hijacking, the plane ran out of fuel. The attackers lost their cool and opened fire on the travellers. Terrorists with explosives, plastic explosive belts, and weapons started to destroy the plane.
Neerja jumped into action at this stage, taking advantage of the terrorists' confusion. She overcame her fears and hesitations by working her way around the room; and helped as many passengers as she could to escape from the dangerous situation. She may have fled because she was familiar with the escape routes, but she didn't. In the face of death, she waited selflessly to assist those around her.
Meaning of difficult words:
A frightening or difficult situation
An annoyed feeling of someone when prevented to do something
A pause or feeling before saying or doing something
To help someone or something
Refers to the act of thinking more for the needs and concerns of others than one's own.
GrenadeA small bomb thrown by hand or a bullet fired from gun
Explosive A chemical substance that undergoes a rapid chemical transformation when heated or struck
Chaos A state of confusion
Leapt To move suddenly and quickly
Evacuate To move from a dangerous place to somewhere safe
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