1. Eliza Lewis, another classmate spoke about how Neerja was always brave. “If she had not done anything wrong, she would never cower when the teachers got angry. She would speak her mind, tell them the truth,” she said about Neerja.
2. Vrinda Kirloskar, Neerja’s classmate from Bombay Scottish, told The Indian Express, “She was a loyal friend. Even if we had a disagreement, she would always be the first one to reach out.”
3. Rukshana Eisa, Neerja’s roommate during the Pan Am training said, “This was not a job meant for dumb blondes. We worked hard.”
1. Eliza Lewis, a classmate of Neerja's, mentioned Neerja's brave quality. She expressed her opinion that Neerja was a brave and truthful person. If she hadn't done anything wrong, she would never bow down and admit a mistake in front of the teachers. She also said that Neerja would speak from her heart and tell them the truth and that she would never be afraid of them.
2. "She was a loyal friend," Neerja's Bombay Scottish classmate, Vrinda Kirloskar told The Indian Express. It seemed whenever there was a disagreement between Vrinda and Neerja, Neerja would always be the first person to approach her.
3. One of Neerja's roommates during Pan Am training, Rukshana Eisa, explained their task's essence, stating that it requires intellect and that they worked extremely hard.
Meaning of difficult words:
To agree that something is true
Feeling fear or worry about the results of something
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