The lesson "A Story of Self Sacrifice and Bravery" tells the true story of a courageous, selfless woman who sacrificed her life to save the lives of others. Neerja Bhanot was born on September \(7th\) \(1963\), in Chandigarh, Punjab, India. Her parents are Rama Bhanot and Harish Bhanot, and she was the third kid for her parents after her two brothers. After having finished her graduation, she remained successful in her career. She got married at the age of \(22\), which turned out to be a failure.

As she was born with a fighting spirit, she never gave up on society. Despite her modelling career, she applied for a flight attendant vacancy with Pan Am. She got selected and achieved higher levels through her hard work. She quickly took up the airway position to become a senior flight purser, a significant career accomplishment for a young woman of \(22\).

On September \(5th\), \(1986\), the aircraft Flight 73 was hijacked by four heavily armed terrorists during the morning time.

Though the passengers from the plane were from different countries, including Indians, Germans, Americans, and Pakistanis. Americans were the target of the terrorists. When Neerja understood their intention, she quickly collected and discarded the American passports, which saved 39 Americans out of \(41\).

Also, Neerja took immediate efforts to alert the pilots when she knew the hijackers intention of flying Flight 73 to Israel and crash it. Though they harmed her, she did not give up but conveyed the message through a code; and made the pilots exit through the alternative exit.

When the plane ran out of fuel, the hijackers lost their cool and opened fire on the travellers. Neerja took this confused state as an option and started helping people escape through the plane's secret way. When she was about to quit the dangerous place, Neerja saw three kids left on the dangerous plane unattended. While saving those three kids, the brave soul was fired, which took her life.

Not only the Indian government but Pakistan and the American governments also praised and awarded Neerja for her courage. Her parents established the Neerja Bhanot Pan Am Trust. One of the children saved by Neerja is now a major airline captain. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation named a square after her in the Ghatkopar (East) suburb of Mumbai.