Many years ago, there was a man named Don Quixote who lived in a village La Mancha in Spain. He loved to read books about knights. Every day, he would read lots of books about how these soldiers fought with courage and the daring experiences they had. He was so involved in those books that he didn't even remember to eat or sleep properly.
The exciting experiences of knights and landlords make an exciting part in Don Quixote's travels. He started imagining himself as a part of those stories. He even asked a farmer Sancho Panza from the same village to act as a landlord. Together, they decided to go on an adventure. Don was very excited to work like a wise and be a respectful knight. In this story, we can enjoy the humorous part, the suspense part, etc.
Don asked Sancho if he would like to accompany him as a servant in this adventure. Sancho asked if he wanted him to act as a servant. Don said that if Sancho served him loyally, he would give him an island as a reward. Sancho could not understand and asked Don if he was serious about offering Sancho an island as a reward. Don promised him and said that he would owe it on his honour as a soldier if Sancho didn't trust him.
Sancho agreed to this offer and said that he was ready to go with him. They both started a journey, and soon, they found a windmill right in front of them, on a hill.
Don's eyes were ogling on the hill. Don said that a giant was blocking the path. Sancho could not see any giant, and he asked his master where he saw the man-eating giant.

Don asked Sancho if he could see the animal waving with its four arms. Sancho said that it was just a windmill. Don spoke out and said that it was an ogre. Don said to Sancho to go to the side and tell his prayers if he was scared, while he went to attack the giant. Sancho repeated that it was just a windmill. Don did not bother to listen to Sancho; He continued to charge at the windmill with full force like a soldier on his horse Rocinante. He told the giant to prepare himself for the war to face his spear and went forward and hit the windmill.

Sancho asked if Don was alright, or if he hit himself. Sancho said that he had already warned him that it was just a windmill. But Don did not listen and said that the giant was more hurt than him. The windmill was working fine, and Sancho decided to make sure that Don did not repeat his irresponsible actions. So, Sancho said that Don was correct and that Don was a very great soldier and that he won the battle. The windmill beast had lost the fight.

After Don hit the windmill on his head, it made him more confused. Don told Sancho that people would write about what great warriors they were in books, and the coming generations would talk about how they overpowered evil, and justice prevailed. But Don said to Sancho that to get that honour, they should prove themselves by defeating the enemies and prevailing the justice. And Sancho agreed to the Don words.
Now Don and Sancho went through a farm, and they saw an enormous cloud of dust flying. This time, Don imagined it to be an army that was approaching them. Sancho agreed and said that what can be done about that as he just wanted the talk to finish. But Don did not leave it at this. He said that they should go and help the weaker side. Don rememberedall the names of the knights who had been part of such wars, but Sancho told that he was not able to see even a single person there. Don continued and spoke out and said that Sancho, by this time, should hear the trumpets of the elephants, neighing of the horses, from the army which was approaching them.

Sancho straightforwardly said that he just heard somelambs and sheep bleating and nothing more.
Don said that Sancho's fear was not allowing him to see the army and that he was going to charge at the opposing army. Sancho warned him again that they were just sheep and lambs and that he should not charge at them. Don continued to charge at the sheep and lambs. So, all the sheep and lambs got scared and started running here and there. The shepherds saw the sheep running and got annoyed. They took stones and aimed Don, and he fell from the horse and was wounded.
But Don did not subside with this. He was laughing, saying that he could see the army scatter away as they were cowards. They were all scared of Don Quixote. All the local farmers thought that Don was a disoriented person, and they made fun of him. One peasant said to see Don Quixote, the madman. The second farmer asked Don the soldier which monster did he defeat this time. The third peasant made fun of him and said did he finally got those evil sheep. All together made fun of him and said Hail the mad knight, Don Quixote!
Don never understood what the farmers meant and was happy thinking that everyone was praising him. He told Sancho that their names had reached the peasants and to see how they were greeting him. Sanchodid not like all these comments. He asked Don to listen carefully. The farmers were not saluting them, but they were making fun of them. Don was still not ready to agree and taunted Sancho asking if he would see the truth ever. Sancho had enough of all this, and he told his master to make some sense. Don said that he did not want to speak about that adventure anymore, but he wanted to go for more exploits. Sancho listened to his master's words.
Finally, when Don came back to his bungalow, he realized that all this was just his imagination. From then on, he never went out on adventures, but he would do all his exploits at his house with children and tell them varieties of stories about soldiers, noble people, etc. The children and Don enjoyed his adventures together in their imagination.