Once upon a time, in a village called La Mancha, in Spain, there lived a man who loved to read about knights. Every day he would read about courageous knights and the incredible adventures they had. He was so absorbed in these stories that he hardly remembered to eat or sleep.

     The days of Knights and Squires, of exciting adventures and romances come alive in the hilarious account of Don Quixote's travels. As years passed, Don Quixote imagines himself placed in the world of knights. He convinces Sancho Panza, a peasant from the same village, to be his squire. And together they set out to seek their fortune, Don Quixote eager to be the best chivalrous knight. This delightful story of chivalry is all fun and pleasure, laughter and excitement, farce and suspense.
Quixote: Sancho, how would you like to become my servant, and accompany me on a great adventure?

Sancho: Your servant?

Quixote: Yes, if you serve me faithfully and honestly, I will reward you with an island.
Sancho: An island? Are you serious?

Quixote: I vow it upon my honour as a knight! So, will you come with me?

Sancho: Yes Master. I will come with you.

     [The two men set out on a journey together. On the hill in front of them, they could see a large old windmill. When he saw it, Don Quixote’s eyes began to sparkle.]

Quixote: Look Sancho, how dare that hideous ogre block our path?

Sancho: What!? An ogre? Where, Master?
Many years ago, there was a man named Don Quixote who lived in a village La Mancha in Spain. He loved to read books about Soldiers and knights. Every day, he would read lots of books about how these soldiers fought with courage and the daring experiences they had. He was so involved in those books that he didn't even remember to eat or sleep properly.
The exciting experiences of knights and landlords make an exciting part in Don Quixote's travels. He started imagining himself as a part of those stories. He even asked a farmer Sancho Panza from the same village to act as a landlord. Together, they decided to go on an adventure. Don was very excited to work like a wise and be a respectful knight. In this story, we can enjoy the humorous part, the suspense part, etc.
Don asked Sancho if he would like to accompany him as a servant in this adventure. Sancho asked if he wanted him to act as a servant. Don said that if Sancho served him loyally, he would give him an island as a reward. Sancho could not understand and asked Don if he was serious about offering Sancho an island as a reward. Don promised him and said that he would owe it on his honour as a soldier if Sancho didn't trust him.
Sancho agreed to this offer and said that he was ready to go with him. They both started a journey, and soon, they found a windmill right in front of them, on a hill.
Don's eyes were ogling on the hill. Don said that a giant was blocking the path. Sancho could not see any giant, and he asked his master where he saw the man-eating giant.
Meanings of difficult words:
Peasant Agricultural labourer.
SquiresLandowner of an area.
Chivalry The medieval knightly system with its religious, moral, and social code.
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