The happiest of the boys was Hamid. He was only four, thin and poorly dressed. Last year his father had died of cholera. Then his mother also died. From then Hamid lived with his old Granny Ameena and was as happy as a lark. She told him that his father had gone to earn money. And that his mother had gone to Allah to get lovely gifts for him. This made Hamid very happy. Hamid had no shoes on his feet; the cap on his head was soiled and tattered; He knew that his father would come back with sacks full of silver and his mother with gifts from Allah. Then he would have more than Mahmood, Mohsin, Noorey and Sammi.

     Hamid’s Granny Ameena was sad. It was Eid and she did not have even a handful of grains. If only her son were there, it would have been a different kind of Eid! Hamid went to his grandmother and said, “Granny, I will be the first to get back. Don’t worry!” Ameena was worried. Other boys were going out with their fathers. How could she let him go to the fair all by himself?
Hamid was one of the boys who was very enthusiastic. He was just four years old, thin and not so well dressed because the previous year his father expired of cholera, and later his mother died. So, Hamid lived with his grandmother and was very active always. She told Hamid that his father has gone to obtain some money and his mother has gone to Allah to get some presents for him. So, Hamid was happy. Though Hamid didn't have shoes or cap, he was sure that his father would bring silver coins and mother lots of gifts for him. And he would have more than Mahmood, Mohsin, Noorey and Sammi.
His grandmother Ameena was sad as it was Eid festival and she didn't have anything to cook. She was missing her only son, who would have taken care of these. Hamid ran out and told his granny that he would be back soon, but Ameena was worried as other boys went with their fathers and Hamid was all alone to go to the exhibition.
Meanings of difficult words:
A person who habitually gets up early and feels energetic early in the day (Informal).
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