The train stopped, at eight o’clock, in the midst of a clearing some fifteen miles beyond Rothal, where there were several bungalows, and workmen’s cabins. The conductor, passing along the carriages, shouted, ‘Passengers will get out here!’
     Phileas Fogg looked at Sir Francis Cromarty for an explanation; but the general could not tell why there was a halt in the midst of this forest of dates and acacias.
     Curious, Passepartout rushed out and speedily returned, crying: ‘Monsieur, no more railway!’
It was eight o'clock the train got stopped in the middle of the forest region, some fifteen miles beyond Rothal. The place was occupied with several bungalows, and workmen's wood houses, except for which nothing existed in the forest region. Mr. Fogg and his team did not know why the train had stopped in the middle of the forest. They thought to reach Calcutta through the train.
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Train in the middle of forest

To their surprise, the conductor passed through every compartment and instructed the passengers to vacate the train. All three of them were shocked. They didn't know what to do. Phileas Fogg looked at Sir Francis Cromarty for an explanation. Still, the general couldn't give him an answer as he remained clueless about the helpless situation and remained speechless. He did not know why the train stopped in the middle of the forest filled with dates and acacias trees. After getting to know about the reason behind why the train had stopped, Passepartout quickly ran towards Mr. Fogg and his friends. He informed them there was no more train facility from that place.
Incomplete rail route
Meaning of  difficult words:
Middle of something
Refers to an open area with few or no trees in the middle of a forest
A small house made of wood
Wanting to know or learn something
Refers to a title of respect used by a French man
Halt To stop or make something to stop
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