The story of "The Lost Stone Carver" is about a sculptor who carved the stones into images of Hindu gods. He was an old man who carried over the tradition for almost a hundred years and learned it from his father. He wanted to pass it on to his son Gopal, who was good at it and would have become perfect in a year or two. But Gopal was not interested in this job as they were paid very less for the work they do. So, he left his father to go to Agra, to join a company that paid well for mass production of articles like ashtrays, paperweights etc.

The old man was worried as he had to finish his work on his last carving of Lord Krishna; though he spent a lot of time still something was missing. He was shattered when he realized he was not able to work like before, due to old age. Suddenly he saw his servant Salim who was working with him for almost five years could do the carvings. Salim was interested in this work and he had practised it in the quarry in his leisure time. The old man was relieved and happy as he knew that Salim would make one of the best stone carvers in the country as he had an interest in it and worked hard towards his goals.
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A stone carver!