‘I must go to the bazaar today,’ said Usha.

     ‘I wish I could come too,’ said Binya. ‘But I have to help with the cows and the housework. Mother isn’t well.’

     ‘I can come!’ said Suresh. He was always ready to visit the bazaar, which was three miles away, on the other side of Haunted Hill.

     ‘No, you can’t,’ said Usha. ‘You must help Grandfather chop wood.’

     Their father was in the army, posted in a distant part of the country, and Suresh and his grandfather were the only men in the house. Suresh was eight, chubby and almond-eyed.
     ‘Won’t you be afraid to come back alone?’ he asked.

     ‘Why should I be afraid?’

     ‘There are ghosts on the hill.’

     ‘I know, but I will be back before it gets dark. Ghosts don’t appear during the day.’

     ‘Are there many ghosts in the ruins?’ asked Binya.

     ‘Grandfather says so. He says that many years ago – over a hundred years ago – English people lived on the hill. But it was a bad spot, always getting struck by lightning, and they had to move to the next range and build another place.’
Usha told Binya and Suresh that she wanted to go to the bazaar or market.
Though Binya wanted to accompany her, she said she could not as her mother was not well, and she has to help in the household chores.
Suresh was ready to go with Usha. The market was 3 miles away and on the other side of the Haunted Hill.
Usha said she could not take Suresh as he has to help his grandfather to cut some wood.
Usha and Suresh's father was in the army. So, only Suresh and his grandfather were the only men in the house. Suresh was younger, and he was just eight years old and was chubbywith almond-shaped eyes.
Suresh was worried if she can come back alone from the market.
Usha said why she should be worried.
Suresh replied that there are ghosts on the hill.
Usha replied that she will be back before night and that ghosts will not appear during the day.
Binya asked if there are any ghosts at the ruins.
Usha told that her grandfather always told stories that many years ago, there was a British people who lived on the hill. But that place was not safe as lightning often struck there. So, those people changed to another area on the next range.
Meanings of difficult words:
Chop Cut.
Almond-eyedHaving narrow slant almond-shaped eyes.
Come into sight.
LightningThe occurrence of a natural electrical discharge of very short duration and high voltage between a cloud.
Range Reach.
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-1 English Standard-7. The Wind on Haunted Hill by Ruskin Bond (pp. 25-34). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.