Alice and her sister were sitting on the bank of a river and were idling. Her sister was reading a book, so Alice tried to read it, once or twice, whatever she was reading. The book did not have any pictures or dialogues. Alice did not like the book, as it did not have anything interesting. The day was blazing, together with Alice feeling very sleepy and bored. Alice thought of collecting a few daisies to make a necklace. Suddenly, she saw a White rabbit with pink eyes scurrying away.
The rabbit took a watch from his pocket and checked the time. He shook his head and then went into the rabbit's hole. Alice wanted to know why the rabbit was in such a hurry. She was curious, so she followed the rabbit inside the rabbit hole. At the entrance, the pit dropped, and Alice fell inside. After a long time, Alice saw a three-legged table, made of glass. There was just a tiny golden key on it.
White rabbit with it's watch
She was curious, so she followed the rabbit inside the rabbit hole. At the entrance, the pit dropped, and Alice fell inside. After a long time, Alice saw a three-legged table, made of glass. There was just a tiny golden key on it.
Alice and White Rabbit
Alice started looking around, and she found a curtain. Behind it was a little door that was about fifteen inches high. Alice was curious, and she tried the key in that lock of the door. To her surprise, it opened, and she could see a beautiful garden through it. Alice was too big to enter the door.
Alice looked around on the three-legged table, and she saw a green coloured bottle on it. When she looked keenly, magically, "Drink me" appeared on it.
Drink me.png
Green potion

As expected, Alice took the bottle and drank it. She started shrinking, and she came to the size of a doll.
Alice opened the door and went inside to see the garden. She liked the garden very much. But she was surprised, as she became as small as the insects that crawl on the flowers. Soon, Alice became bored with her size and shouted to be big again. The White Rabbit, which was passing near her, got startled by her shouts. The White Rabbit thought that Alice was his maid and ordered her to bring his gloves and fan from his cottage. Alice was confused by whatever the Rabbit was saying. She thought that if she can go to the cottage, maybe she could find her way out.
While Alice was going out, she saw a piece of chocolate cake on the table. Next to it, on the table near the doorway, she could see an "eat me" tag. Alice was very hungry, she ate the cake immediately, and this time, she grew of more considerable size than the house.
Eat me.svg
The White Rabbit appeared again and asked Alice to get out of his way. He said that she was blocking his door. Alice picked up his fan, and she started to shrink again. It was a magical fan, and she shrunk smaller than her original size. Alice was upset as she wanted to be her original size.

Alice with caterpillar.svg

Alice saw a green caterpillar with a pink jacket, who was sitting on a large mushroom. The caterpillar was smoking a bubble pipe. He said that one side would make her big and the other side small and slithered away. Alice did not understand and asked the caterpillar for one side of what? The caterpillar replied that he was talking about one side of the mushroom. Alice ate the piece of mushroom and started growing. Now she wanted to know which way she has to go.
A voice from somewhere said that one path leads to Mad Hatter and the other to Lae March Hare. Alice found a smiling Cheshire Cat on the tree. He said that he would meet at the Queen's croquet game, and then it disappeared.
Cheshire Cat
Alice saw a table set under a tree in front of a house. Both March Hare and Hatter were having tea there. A Dormouse was sitting in between, which was asleep. Both of them were using it as a cushion and were resting on it. Alice thought that the Dormouse was sleeping, so he had no problem with them doing that on his head. Though the table was large, they were at one corner, huddled together. When they saw Alice, they said that there was no room, but Alice insisted that there was plenty of room for her to enter. She sat in a large armchair and Hare offered her some wine, but Alice couldn't see any. It was only tea, and she said that she could not see any wine. March Hare spoke out that there wasn't any, but Alice got angry and said that Hare should not have offered the wine if there was not any.
Hare said that it was not nice of Alice as well to sit without being invited. Alice retaliated that she didn't know it was his table. Alice said that the table was laid for many people and not for only three people. Mad Hatter interrupted and said that Alice could stay if she could answer his riddle.
Hatter asked why a raven was like a writing desk. Alice could not understand anything, though it was English. She said the same to Hatter. Hatter asked if Alice could solve the riddle. Alice said that she could not and asked the answer from the Hatter. Both Hatter and Hare uttered that they don't know the answer to the riddle. Alice said that they should not waste their time asking riddles which have no answers, and instead do something worthwhile.
Alice found herself in the middle of a field where the monarch of hearts was playing a croquet game. She had her guards and gardeners who were card-shaped. The gardener had planted white roses instead of red roses, so the angry sovereign asked to take off their heads and paint those roses red as she hates white roses.
Queen of hearts
The head of the state of Hearts noticed Alice and asked her if she knew how to play croquet. Alice replied that she knew with a low tone, but she has never played with flamingos or hedgehog as a bat for the croquet game. The ruler ordered Alice to play with her and let her win, or she would punish her. Alice tried to play well with the flamingo as the bat, but she could not. So the Crown ordered off Alice's head. Suddenly, a distant trumpet sounded, calling for some session in the court.
Everyone went to the courtroom. The White Rabbit, which Alice had been following from the starting, announced that the court session is going to start. He asked Alice to come to the stand. Alice just did as the Rabbit said and was looking at the jury box where March Hare and Mad Hatter were making noise. The Dormouse still slept, and the Cheshire cat was motionlessly smiling at her. Alice could not understand what was going on and asked the same. The Queen said that she found Alice guilty of stealing heart-shaped tarts and that she should be punished by cutting off her head. Alice felt that it was silly of the Queen to think like that as she was fairly playing croquet.
Alice suddenly was woken up by someone, and the voice was asking her to wake up as she was sleeping for too long. It was her sister. Alice told her sister that she had a dream about a White Rabbit, the mad tea party, and the Queen of Hearts and the court session, but her sister was not interested in her dream, and she continued reading her book. Alice kept quiet as her sister was not paying any attention to her. Just then, she saw a White Rabbit with pink eyes behind a tree.
Alice's dream