Suddenly she found herself in the middle of a field where the Queen of Hearts was playing croquet. Her guards and gardeners were shaped like cards. One gardener had planted white roses by mistake and then painted them red, "Off with their heads!" shrieked the Queen. "I hate white roses!".
     Then she noticed Alice and asked her "Have you ever played croquet?" "Yes," Alice timidly answered. "But I've never used a flamingo or a hedgehog." "Play with me!" ordered the Queen. "And let me win or I'll have your head!" Alice tried her best to play well, but she had trouble with her flamingo. "Off with her head!" cried the Queen. Just then a trumpet sounded in the distance calling court to session.
     Everyone rushed into the courtroom. "Court is now in session," announced the White Rabbit, "Will Alice please come to the stand?" Alice took the stand and looked at the jury box, where the March Hare and the Mad Hatter were making noise. The Dormouse slept and the Cheshire Cat smiled at her. "What's going on?" asked Alice. "You are guilty of stealing the delicious heart-shaped tarts!" accused the Queen, "And now you must be punished. Off with her head. Off with her head!" yelled the Queen. "How silly," replied Alice. "I did not have the slightest idea what you were talking about! I was only playing croquet."
     Alice felt someone touch her shoulder, "Wake up. You've been sleeping for too long," said her sister softly. "I had a strange dream," said Alice. She told her sister about the White Rabbit, the mad tea party, the Queen of Hearts and the trial. But her sister wasn't paying attention. "You're reading again," mumbled Alice. As she stretched, Alice saw a little White Rabbit with pink eyes scurry behind a tree.
Alice found herself in the middle of a field where the monarch of hearts was playing a croquet game. She had her guards and gardeners who were card-shaped. The gardener had planted white roses instead of red roses, so the angry sovereign asked to take off their heads and paint those roses red as she hates white roses.
Queen of hearts
The head of the state of Hearts noticed Alice and asked her if she knew how to play croquet. Alice replied that she knew with a low tone, but she has never played with flamingos or hedgehog as a bat for the croquet game. The ruler ordered Alice to play with her and let her win, or she would punish her. Alice tried to play well with the flamingo as the bat, but she could not. So the Crown ordered off Alice's head. Suddenly, a distant trumpet sounded, calling for some session in the court.
Everyone went to the courtroom. The White Rabbit, which Alice had been following from the starting, announced that the court session is going to start. He asked Alice to come to the stand. Alice just did as the Rabbit said and was looking at the jury box where March Hare and Mad Hatter were making noise. The Dormouse still slept, and the Cheshire cat was motionlessly smiling at her. Alice could not understand what was going on and asked the same. The Queen said that she found Alice guilty of stealing heart-shaped tarts and that she should be punished by cutting off her head. Alice felt that it was silly of the Queen to think like that as she was fairly playing croquet.
Alice suddenly was woken up by someone, and the voice was asking her to wake up as she was sleeping for too long. It was her sister. Alice told her sister that she had a dream about a White Rabbit, the mad tea party, and the Queen of Hearts and the court session, but her sister was not interested in her dream, and she continued reading her book. Alice kept quiet as her sister was not paying any attention to her. Just then, she saw a White Rabbit with pink eyes behind a tree.
Alice's dream
Meanings of difficult words:
Shrieked Scream.
Scurry Hurry.
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