The ship was still rolling, so I couldn’t play any games. I went and sat in a cosy chair in the lounge and started reading a story book. I was feeling drowsy and must have dozed off. The next thing I knew was somebody saying, “Wake up, child. You’re Vasantha, aren’t you? The Captain wants to see you in his cabin.”
     I looked up to see a sailor standing before me. It took me a minute to recollect the rescue operation and the captain telling me, “I’ll call you afterwards.”
     I followed the officer eagerly. He left me outside the captain’s door, saying, “Go right inside.”
When Vasantha was confident about the improvement on patient's condition, and the doctor's treatment, she slipped out of the hospital section hoping for the patient to be recovered soon. She returned to the lounge. The ship was in the same condition as there was no improvement in the weather. Though there was not of expected calamity, strong winds continued to blow.
Since the ship was still rolling, Vasantha couldn't play any games. Vasantha was tired of the chaos that went around due to the incident that occurred on that early morning. She went to the lounge area as she wanted to relax for some time and sat on a cosy chair to rest and read a storybook.
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*Lounge area
Just then that, she slept out of tiredness. After some time, Vasantha heard someone waking her up, saying, “Wake up, child. You’re Vasantha, aren’t you?. She woke up and heard an instruction from that person saying that the captain wanted to meet Vasantha.
Vasantha recognised the person to be a member of the crew. Vasantha was then reminded of the captain's words, and the incident happened that early morning. The captain had already informed Vasantha that he would meet him during his leisure hours. She then followed the officer to reach the captain's room. She was very much excited to meet the captain. The sailor took her near the captain's room and directed her to his room.
Meaning of difficult words:
A feel of sleep
Very interested and enthusiastic on doing something
Refers to the time you are not working or not busy 
Recollect To remember something that had happened
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