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     “How do you pump the water out?” I asked. “We put him on his stomach and massage him until he brings it all up,” he replied.
     As soon as the rescue team reached the ship, Uncle was placed on the stretcher and rushed to the hospital room. The captain then came to me and said, “Run along now and play with your friends. I’m busy, but will send for you when I’m through. I might even have a surprise for you.”
     When he turned away, I quietly sneaked into the hospital room to see what they were doing to the patient. Two nurses were scurrying to and fro with trays full of medicines and syringes. Another was rushing off with Uncle’s wet clothes. I stopped her and asked if Uncle was conscious. “Not yet,” she replied, “but he’s better now. He should regain consciousness in a little while.”
Vasantha was pleased by the explanation of the doctor in regard with the doctor's treatment. She also wanted to ask more questions as, she asked him, "How can you remove the water?" As a curious girl, she inquired again with the doctor. The doctor quickly described the procedure to her, saying that they would place the patient on his stomach and softly rub him until he brings out the water.
Meanwhile, the rescue crew had arrived on the ship. Vasantha found that the man was unconscious. He was then tied to a stretcher and taken to the hospital. Vasantha was pleased and glad to see that he was still alive. Everyone seemed to be relaxed.
The captain then approached Vasantha and asked her to go and play with her friends for some time. He then informed her he would send someone to get her back to meet him as he had some surprise for Vasantha. The captain then went to carry out his duties.

When the captain went away after speaking with Vasantha, she decided to enter and see the clinical room's treatment status. She entered the clinical section secretly to check out the treatment given for the patient. Though Vasantha couldn't see the patient, she noticed people running around inside the clinical section while carrying out the sick patient's treatment. She had seen two nurses rushing through the hospital section with trays full of medicines and syringes in their hands and another rushing off with the patient's wet clothes. Vasantha might have recollected the different processes involved in aiding the patient, as, first, to clean out his stomach and keep him warm.

Though Vasantha could understand and correlate the treatment procedures with the doctor's explanation, she couldn't wait long enough to determine the patient's condition. She called one of the nurses in the medical section and questioned whether the patient had regained consciousness. Though the answer was 'No' to Vasantha's question, the nurse had assured her that the patient was in a better condition and would regain his consciousness soon.
Meaning of difficult words:
The state of being awake and able to see, hear and think
To get something again that you have lost
I'm throughI am done
SneakTo go somewhere secretly so that nobody can notice you
Scurry To run with short steps
Rush Hurry to do something
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