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     Thank God!” muttered the captain making the sign of the cross again, “they’ve managed to save him.” He turned to the passengers thronging the railings. “Please do not crowd round the man when he is brought up. He will need immediate medical care.” Then he saw the ship’s doctor standing with a couple of nurses. A stretcher was also being brought close to the railings.
     “Doctor! Is everything ready for the patient?” the captain asked.
     “Aye, aye, Captain,” nodded the doctor.
     The captain moved away to restore order on the ship. I edged close to the doctor and asked, “What will you do to him, doctor? Will he be all right?”
     “Aye, I think so. All the water will have to be pumped out of him. He’ll have to be given artificial respiration and kept warm.”
"Thank God!” said the captain of the sea with full of gratitude for God by making the sign of the cross again. He was overwhelmed with God's grace for having safeguarded the person's life. The captain was pleased and satisfied with his crew's performance. He then went to the crowd on the railings and asked them not to be around the rescued individual for the time being. He demanded immediate medical attention. He then turned his attention to the ship's doctor, standing with a couple of nurses to help the rescued person.
The patient would then be relocated to the clinical section on a stretcher and the patient would be recovered without any issue. To confirm the clinical status, the captain asked the doctor, "Is everything ready for the patient?" The doctor guaranteed it. He then concentrated on guiding his team. Vasantha, on the other hand, did not leave. She also asked the doctor a few questions as she was a small kid who was worried. She inquired about the therapy that would be provided to him and how it would benefit the patient.
The doctor told her that the patient would return to his normal position in some time. He also briefed her about the therapy that would be given to him. As the man would have expected to have consumed so much water, the doctor insisted on first pumping it out. Second, artificial respiration was advised to help the patient breathe properly, and third, keep him warm.
Meaning of difficult words:
MutterTo say something in a very quiet voice
Throng A large crowd of people
Edge To move somewhere carefully 
ConsumeTo drink or eat something
NodTo move your head up and down to show your agreement or understanding
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