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     I borrowed the captain’s binoculars. Now I could see the rescue operation clearly. The crew in the rescue boats threw a strong rope to the two sailors in the sea and shouted, “Catch”. Both of them were good swimmers and soon had caught hold of the rope. Then, with powerful strokes, they swam towards Uncle. One of them caught hold of him, while the other tied the rope round his waist. With Uncle between them and the rope secure, the sailors swam back to the life-boats. The rescue team in the boats leaned over and heaved the three men into it. In a jiffy the boats were heading back to the ship.
Vasantha was curious to know what was happening during the rescue operation. After all, she saw the man falling into the water, unlike other passengers and crew members. She was nervous, scared, and was expecting to get the output of the operation positive. Despite the captain's running commentaries, she took the binoculars from him to see what was happening in the rescue operation. She was watching it through the binoculars clearly without anyone's help.
Around that time, the crew had thrown a rope to the two sailors shouting, "catch". As the sailors were trained professionals and swimming experts, they got the ropes thrown by the crew and successfully swam toward the man. One of the sailors caught hold of him and the other was tied a rope around his waist. Between the two sailors, the man was safely tied. The sailors then returned to the crew boats by swimming. The rescue team aided the three individuals in getting into the lifeboats. The boats returned to the deck in a matter of minutes, with the man rescued.
Vasantha's prompt call, her presence of mind, the captain's initiative and experience, along with his crew, produced a successful output. The man had not drowned. The sea mother had compassion for the victim and did not want him drowned in the sea. He was still alive. The quick work of the team led by the captain had saved a life.
Meaning of difficult words:
To use or take something that belongs to somebody
Series of repeated movements in swimming or rowing
A very short period of time
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2018). Term-3 English Standard-7. Man Overboard - Vasantha Murthi (pp. 125-130). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.