He did not wait for more details but ran at once to a room full of officers. “Man overboard,” he cried. “Stop ship. Drop anchor. Quick!” His instructions were immediately obeyed. The captain then raced to the upper deck. I kept trailing behind him. “Lower the life-boats and crew into the sea towards the helm,” he said. “There is a man overboard.” Here again the men quickly obeyed him.

     People started crowding the deck. “What’s happening?” somebody asked me.

     Word soon went round. Everyone was tense. Only an occasional, “There he is!” could be heard.

     Someone asked, “Who is he?”

     Another replied, “Don’t know.”
The captain didn't wait for more details. He ran toward a room that was full of officers. He shouted at them, saying, "Man overboard". He then instructed the crew to halt the ship and lower the anchor. The crew members followed his orders. After that, the captain rushed to the upper deck. Vasantha followed after him. He then directed the lifeboats and crew to be lowered into the sea towards the helm. The captain shouted, "There's a man overboard!" All of his orders were executed by the crew. The deck started to be surrounded by people.
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*The rescue team
All were confused as to why the captain was doing those tasks. Someone asked Vasantha, "What's going on?" The news of the incident quickly circulated across. Everyone was nervous about the outcome and wished for an update. There were a few shouts of, "There he is!". The identity of that person was a topic of discussion among them. One person inquired as to who that person was, to which the other answered, "I don't know."
Meaning of difficult words:
A heavy object that is dropped into the water to prevent a ship from moving
To perform a difficult action or a movement
Not happening frequently or regularly
A group of people who work together, especially who work on a ship or aircraft
RaceTo move or go fast
HelmA handle or wheel used for controlling the direction in which a boat or ship moves
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