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     He couldn’t reply, but only held up his hand. As another bout of retching shook him he leaned over the railings. At the same time a huge wave lashed the ship. It lurched violently and the man tumbled over the railings into the wild sea. For a second I stood rooted to the spot. Then I ran like someone possessed, shouting, “Help! Help! Man overboard! Save him!” I must have made a lot of noise. I heard footsteps hurrying even that early in the morning.
     Tears streaming down my face and shouting incoherently, I ran full pelt into an officer.
     “What’s the matter? Why are you making so much noise?” he asked in a stern voice. I was surprised to see it was the captain.
     “Oh Sir!” I blurted out in relief. “A man fell into the sea. Please save him.”
     “Where?” he asked, immediately on the alert. “There,” I said pointing a finger.
When Vasantha asked the person if he required any aid, he could not answer because he was sick. He managed to raise his hand, signalling that he needed help. His vomiting feeling had shaken his body once more, and so he bent over the railings. At that point, a large wave had hit the ship violently. The sick man was thrown into the ocean floor by the violent, unmanageable waves.
A man fell on to the sea.jpg
Man Overboard

Vasantha was motionless and she lost her mind on that condition because she had no idea what to do. There was no one else in the area. Vasantha ran about like a mad person, shouting, "Help! Help!" Man overboard! Save him!" Vasantha's voice was undoubtedly too loud. Despite the early hour, she heard footsteps approaching her quickly in no time.

As soon as Vasantha saw an officer approaching, she ran toward him; and shouted unclearly. She couldn't speak properly, as the man's dive completely stuck her on the sea. The officer looked very serious and enquired Vasantha to speak out the reason as to why had she shouted. She was surprised because the officer was the captain of the ship. She didn't think of anything but only to save the man. She explained the situation to the captain immediately. “A man fell into the sea. Please save him.” She then pointed out the finger on where the victim had fallen down.
Meaning of difficult words:
To make a sudden, unsteady movement forward
To fall downwards
To say something suddenly without thinking carefully
AidHelp or support
PeltTo run fast
SternSevere or showing disapproval
ViolentlyStrongly with great force
Unmanageable Extremely difficult to control
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