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The lesson 'Man overboard!' is taken from a collection of children's short stories. The term 'Man overboard!' indicates a serious meaning that the ship's member or a passenger has fallen off of the ship into the water and in need of immediate rescue.
As the title indicates, the lesson reflects a similar incident. The narrator of the lesson, Vasantha Murthy, shares her experiences about a sea trip while travelling to Singapore, returning from her grandparents' place. A good presence of mind will not just help and protect ourselves, but the others around us.
Though Vasantha was tensed while looking at a man diving into the sea, she decided to seek help instead of being scared. A good presence of mind will help us to come out of adverse situations and problems we face.
As far as the character of Vasantha is concerned, her boldness, curiosity, presence of mind are the key things which is highlighted throughout the lesson. As a young girl, she boldly decided to travel alone on a ship, which was amazing. Her presence of mind is highlighted when she sought someone's help in a difficult situation.
Her curiosity reflected in many places throughout the story. For example, when she entered the ship, she started exploring it. When the victim was saved, she enquired the doctor regarding his treatment.
Through a simple narration, the narrator did not exaggerate but brought out the importance of boldness and presence of mind.
Meaning of difficult words:
To make something better or worse than it really is
VictimA person harmed, injured or killed by someone or by any event, action etc.