I stood on the deck of S.S. Rajula. As she slowly moved out of Madras harbour, I waved to my grandparents till I could see them no more. I was thrilled to be on board a ship. It was a new experience for me.
     “Are you travelling alone?” asked the person standing next to me.
     “Yes, Uncle, I’m going back to my parents in Singapore,” I replied.
     “What’s your name?” he asked.
     “Vasantha,” I replied.
'Man Overboard' is a story about a girl named Vasantha and her experiences on a ship she travelled alone for the first time. She narrated the story based on her experiences and had given a detailed description of an incident on that ship. It was the first time she travelled alone on a ship. Her excitement while travelling on a ship was tremendous. S.S. Rajula was the name of the ship she travelled. Vasantha remained with her grandparents for some time and was returning to her parents, who were waiting for Singapore's arrival.

She waved to her grandparents, bidding farewell to them, for a long time as the ship sailed out of Madras harbour. She was excited and thought it to be a pleasurable experience to be on board since it was her first time.
A voice approached her, asking, "Are you travelling alone?". She said, 'yes' to that person and called him Uncle. It must be that he was surprised to see a small girl travelling alone on a ship fearlessly. This shows her boldness. She explained that she was on the way to her parents in Singapore and was travelling alone. He then inquired about her name, to which she responded, "Vasantha." Though she travelled alone, Vasantha was confident and courageous. These qualities must have made her family sure to let her travel independently.
Meaning of difficult words:
The top outside floor of a ship
A great feeling of excitement and pleasure
Wave A movement of your hand from side to side in air
Excitement A state of happy feeling about something or a thing going to happen
Approach To come near to speak to someone or to deal with a problem
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