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     I spent the day exploring the ship. It looked just like a big house. There were furnished rooms, a swimming pool, a room for indoor games, and a library. Yet, there was plenty of room to move around.
     The next morning the passengers were seated in the dining hall, having breakfast. The loudspeaker spluttered noisily and then the captain’s voice came loud and clear. Friends we have just received a message that a storm is brewing in the Indian Ocean. I request all of you to keep calm. Do not panic. Those who are inclined to seasickness may please stay in their cabins. Thank you.”
Vasantha had spent nearly one day on the ship, looking around every nook and corner. For her, it seemed to be a huge house. She had went and seen all the places inside the ship. There were furnished quarters, a swimming pool, an indoor games room, and a library on the ship. Though she explored more places, there were still so many places to visit inside the ship.
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*Swimming pool on a ship
Vasantha had a good time on her first day. The story continues the next day as the passengers were enjoying breakfast in the dining hall. There was an announcement made all of a sudden. The Captain had important information to convey to the passengers.
The Captain's voice sounded much loudly and clearly across the ship. He reported on the status of the Indian Ocean, saying that a sudden storm was brewing there. The Captain requested the passengers not to be afraid and keep themselves calm. Most importantly, he asked for seasick passengers not to leave their cabins but to remain in them. The announcement seemed to have created a lot of chaos among the fellow passengers.
Meaning of difficult words:
To travel to or around an area in order to learn about it
To speak quickly with difficulty because you are surprised, angry or embarrassed 
Something bad had began to happen
A strong feeling of fear that prevents reasonable thought
To tend to behave in a particular way
Feeling ill from the movement of boat
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2018). Term-3 English Standard-7. Man Overboard - Vasantha Murthi (pp. 125-130). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.
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