I was being tossed by the powerful sea waves but I held on to the wood and kept floating for a long time. At last, I was thrown on an island. I was very tired and extremely hungry. But on the island, there was nothing to eat except a few herbs. Due to the continuous struggle in the seawater, my limbs became stiff and refused to move. I somehow managed to crawl to get a few herbs. I ate them and quenched my thirst from a spring on the island.
The strong waves washed out Sindbad, but he clung to the piece of wood and managed to remain floating for a long time. After a prolonged struggle, the sea waves pushed him to another island. On reaching the other island, the sailor became exhausted and unconscious.
Sindbad became unconscious
Sindbad was eventually trapped on a strange island and could not eat anything for a while. This made him feel very tired and hungry. He searched for food, but there was nothing to eat except a few herbs. Sindbad's limb became rigid and refused to move due to the continuous struggle in the seawater. He managed to move forward using his hands and legs to get some herbs. At last, he saw a few herbs on the island. He ate them and drank some water from a small spring to satisfy his thirst.
Meanings of the difficult words:
TossedMove or cause to move from side to side or back and forth
Exhausted State of feeling very tired
ClungHold on tightly to
ConstantOccurring continuously over a period of time
CrawlMove forward on the hands and knees or by dragging the body close to the ground
QuenchSatisfy one's thirst by drinking water
ThirstA feeling of needing or wanting to drink something
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