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     As I walked further in this strange land, I met a man. The man asked me where I had come from and who I was. I poured out my misfortune to him. The man felt pity when he heard my sad story. He took me inside a cave. There were a number of men present. They were all slaves of the king of the island. Those men were kind. They served me good food and drink and treated me well.
     Later on, they produced me in front of the king, Mihrjan, who was the ruler of the island. I narrated my tale of suffering and hardship to the king. The king was a noble and kind person. He sympathized with me and appointed me as an officer on the spot.
Sindbad took a long walk on the strange island. He did not know where to go. The sailor waited for a long time, hoping that someone would ask him what had happened to him. To his delight, he met a stranger on the island.
A stranger
The stranger came in front of the sailor and enquired about his dwelling place and where he belonged. The stranger asked him who he was. Immediately, Sindbad shared his misfortunes with the man. On hearing Sindbad's sad story, the man felt very pity, and he took him inside a cave. There were a few men inside the cave. They were the slaves of the king. All of them were kind-hearted. The slaves of the king agreed to help the sailor. They treated him with love and care. They served him enough food and water and treated him in the right way. Sindbad took a rest for a while.
The slaves of the king
Later on, the slaves of the island took him to the king. The name of the king was Mihrjan. The king was a noble and kind man.
King Mihrjan
Sindbad narrated his story of sufferings and hardships to the king. He explained to him how he reached the island without a ship and crew members. The king felt bad after hearing Sindbad's pathetic story. Finally, the king agreed that he would help him. To make him happy and wealthy, King Mihrjan appointed Sindbad as an officer on his island.
The king felt sad after hearing the sailor's story
Meanings of the difficult words:
DwellingA shelter such as a house in which people live
StrangeNot previously visited, seen, or encountered; unfamiliar
Misfortune An unfortunate condition or bad luck
HardshipSevere suffering or privation
SympathizedFeel or express sympathy
PatheticArousing pity, especially through sadness
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