Soon, I became friendly with the people on the island. There were a number of other small islands nearby. These islands were under King Mihrjan, too. During my stay, I witnessed a number of remarkable sights. The seawater around the islands contained huge and terrible fishes. A few were hundred times bigger than the largest ship. Once I saw a fish that had a head like a bull. I witnessed many unimaginable wonders.
   Ships from different parts of the world visited this small island kingdom’s port regularly. Every day I would ask the visiting sailors about my city Baghdad, but no one knew about my city. I longed to go back home.
Sindbad very soon developed a good friendship with the people on the island.
Sindbad and his friends
Many small nearby islands were also under the control of King Mihrjan. When Sindbad was staying on the island, he saw a lot of amazing things. Sindbad found that the seawater surrounding the islands were filled with enormous and terrifying fishes. Some of them were a hundred times bigger than the largest ship.
Enormous and terrifying fishes
Sindbad, the sailor, noticed many unbelievable surprises. The things he witnessed during his voyages were beyond one's imagination. One day he saw a strange fish on the island. He was surprised to see the fish because the head of the fish looked like a bull.
Fish had a head like a bull (only for reference)
Sailors from different parts of the world visited the port regularly with their ship. The sailors would reach the port for selling their goods. Sindbad would ask the visiting sailors about his city, 'Baghdad'. However, no one knew where the city was, on hearing that Sindbad was quite upset. He yearned to return to his hometown. Every day, Sindbad would come near the port and enquire the sailors about his city. But no one knew about it. His longingness towards his hometown shows that he was fond of returning home.
Meanings of the difficult words:
WitnessedSee an event, typically happened
Unimaginable Difficult or impossible to imagine or comprehend
WondersA feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar
PortA town or city with a harbour or access to navigable water where ships load or unload
YearnedHave an intense feeling of longing for something
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