Then my computer caught a virus, and fell very sick,
So I had to call in a doctor, double quick.
As the doctor examined my computer, I just had to say,
‘Doctor, do you think my tired computer wants a holiday?’
The poet's computer, which had been behaving abnormally, and had been infested by a worm malware, had to face even more problems in the forthcoming days. The computer got a virus one day and everything fell apart. A computer virus is a program that once it gets into the computer, it turns all the other programs by modifying them. The programs in the computer get twisted and do not work as they are originally supposed to work. It infests the computer with a code on its own, one that the computer is not used to.
Computer infested with virus
The poet again makes a comparison with a human, as she says her computer fell sick after catching the virus. Generally, humans tend to get infected with a virus, making them fall sick with a flu or fever. They cannot perform all the tasks as they were when normal, as their body might be tired. The computer also cannot work normally once it is infested with the virus. Just like how a human consults a doctor to get treated for his/her virus, the computer also needs to be checked by a specialist who is well versed in hardware and software. The poet calls him/her as a doctor.
Technician checking the computer
When the technician checks with the computer for finding a way to eliminate the virus, the poet suddenly gets an instinct that she may also be responsible for it in a way. When people keep overworking a device, it may get a few faults. One needs to take care of a device and should not overuse it. She asks if the computer needs a rest, to the person. She also considers it as a human who needs to take a rest after a long day of work.
Words with difficult meaning:
AbnormallyNot behaving normally
InfestCause damage or disease
FluViral infection
HardwareThe visible machinery of the computer
SoftwareThe programs that is used to run the computer
InstinctThe natural feeling that makes a person act
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-3 English Standard-8. My Computer Needs a Break -Shanthini Govindan (pp. -130 - 133). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.