My computer doesn’t check that my spellings are right,
And hides my files, so that they vanish from sight.
And one day, my naughty computer actually gobbled a worm,
And behaved so erratically that it made me squirm.
Apart from not saving the files of the poet, the computer also does not check for spellings. Usually, computers can have applications that are either included in the Microsoft office or from outside, like spellchecker or Grammarly. Human beings naturally tend to make mistakes and may spell a word or two wrong in a hurry to type things out. There can also be people who are unsure about the spellings of certain words. The computer comes to their aid at these times. But the poet's computer does not check the spellings, which makes her disappointed.
Spell check
She also states that the documents that she types out is not saved in the computer, and even if it is saved, she does not know where it is, as it gets saved in some random folders. She denotes this as the computer hiding the files that it disappears after working on it.
As things were getting problematic with her computer, things got even serious when it got infected with a worm. A computer worm is a malware that can disrupt the computer's activities. It makes copies of itself into the device and every other device that is connected with it also gets infested with the worm. She again compares this event to a human gobbling food. After the worm got into the computer, it started behaving in a weird manner that made the poet really uncomfortable, as she did not know how to handle it.
A worm infested computer
Words with difficult Meaning:
GobbleTo eat really fast without chewing
ErraticallyNot similar, unable to guess
SquirmMaking a movement due to discomfort
MalwareSoftware that damages the system
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