It forgets to ‘save’ my work, and store it away,
And instead, makes it vanish in the most dreadful way.
She then gets into the particular details, as she says that her computer does not save her work. Sometimes when people work on a file or project, they tend to put a lot of effort into the research. It would also take them time to type it up. When it is in the process or once it is completed, the device has to save it in a folder so that it can be sent or used later on in the future. But sometimes, the system can hang, and the file might not be saved. This creates a lot of stress to the user, as he/she has to type it all out from the beginning.
The poet is stressed about the files
The poet says that not only does the computer save the documents and file, but also makes it vanish. The files that are typed no longer exists in the device as it is not saved. Sometimes the files get deleted as well. This is a cause of concern as the user might end up in a problem if he/she does not submit the document before the deadline. It also takes extra time to work on it again. The poet feels that it is dreadful since she could use that time for some productive work.
File being saved
Words with Difficult Meaning:
ProductiveDoing something useful
DeadlineThe last date given for the task
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