But of late, my computer has been behaving badly too,
It’s so absent-minded, that I don’t know what to do.
The poet slowly starts discussing on the recent problems that she faces with the computer. Like all other machines and devices that function with the help of technology, the computer also has its own flaws. Although it might be compared to a human being, one must understand that it is a device and can go wrong at times. At times like these, there is not much of use for a person to get angry.
Man angry with the flaws of the computer
The poet says that the computer has been behaving badly. She treats it like a child and therefore complains like a parent about its bad behaviour. The tone is a little disappointing as she had probably expected it to be a magical device which never goes wrong.
She makes another comparison to a human as she calls her computer absent-minded. Generally, absent-minded people do not have a specific plan and forget about everything. They do not know or pay attention to what they are doing, as their mind is pre-occupied with something. The computer does not have a mind, but the CPU is the brain of the computer. She indirectly states that there is a problem with the functioning of the computer.
Absent-minded person
Words with difficult meaning:
Absent-mindedForgetting easily
FlawsMistakes or imperfections
DisappointingNot deserving praise, let down
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