If I type in a question, and give my mouse a click,
My computer always gives me the answer really quick!
With the advent of technology and the internet, one has the world at his fingertips. Human beings can use the internet to know and collect information about everything in this world. Irrespective of it being science, Maths, Languages, General Knowledge, Space, the internet has details. Again the poet compares the computer to a human, learning something by heart. When one memorizes something, they would blurt it out the same way no matter who asks them. Similarly, the computer also has mountains of information.
She also seems to mention that she just has to click her mouse to get information. This could mean that she is still using the older version of the desktop or that she has attached a mouse to a laptop. Generally, laptops come with a touchpad, but the poet using a mouse indicates that she is using an older device since the touchpads work real smooth in new devices.
Computer with mouse
In the earlier days, when there was no internet or computer, people had to spend a lot of time researching and searching for the information they needed. They spent days together in libraries and would take more than a day to get a tiny piece of information. But with the help of the internet, she had to only type the questions and the answer would project on the screen within a few seconds of entering. She could gather information without moving or stressing out so much.
Screenshot 2021-04-28 222554.png
Searching for resources can be stressful
Words with difficult meaning:
AdventThe process of something arriving
BlurtTo pour or talk all of a sudden
StressedTired both physically and mentally
ResearchTaking time to go through all angles in a work
TouchpadUsed instead of a mouse to give commands to the computer
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